Games can be a fun, cost effective and engaging way to impart knowledge. Origin Learning’s technical team can create educational content for corporate customers that increase the learner engagement and improve knowledge retention.

Our custom developed approach to game based learning offers:

  • Increase of user engagement through simulations and play
  • Skill improvement through increasing difficulty levels of game play
  • Proficiency by repeated game practice.

The primary objective of gamification is increasing engagement and keeping learners motivated. eLearning gamification engages the user with internal motivating factors and emotional engagement. Our expertise in implementing Gamification to learning and development spans applications such as manufacturing, onboarding, product knowledge, compliance training, as well as soft skills, and behavioral change.

The scope for integrating gamification with other modalities, such as microlearning and simulations, is limitless. Our learning solutions combine state-of-the-art technology such as virtual reality with gaming mechanisms. This allows users to understand choices and consequences in a fun and safe platform. Gamified Social learning teaches users to collaborate effectively to solve problems.

Problems We Solve

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