Konnect – The Social Learning Hub

Konnect is a next-generation learning platform that promotes social learning within organizations. Konnect works on the fundamental belief that learning is far more efficient if it is collaborative and informal in nature.

Here’s why you need to try Konnect:

  • Learn on the cloud: Our system enables secure, separate instances for every organization and it is completely hosted on the cloud. Learning on the cloud means no more complex installation procedures or versioning issues
  • Admin & User Dashboards: Konnect provides separate admin and user dashboards. Admin functions include course creation, user management and multi-user reporting
  • Support for several course formats: Our system can support a wide variety of course formats including SCORM & AICC
  • Social Media Features: With Konnect, you’ll be able to upload, view, rate and comment on images, videos and courses, establishing a feedback system that can be used to edit and enhance the learning experience
  • Social Analytics: Our innovative reporting algorithm monitors a user’s informal activity in the system and assigns unique metrics to track how much a user has learnt “outside” the course
  • Extensive API & Plugin Support: Konnect offers robust API support that enables integration with third-party software as well as provide a means to develop unique plugins for the system
With Konnect, learning within your organization is going to be informal, collaborative and most importantly – social! If you’re interested in deploying Konnect within your organization, please get in touch through our contact form or by dropping an email to konnect@originlearning.com.