Discover how Origin has consistently delivered innovative eLearning solutions in the last ten years and become a trusted eLearning provider!

Established in 2008, Origin has always believed in the power of learning and how it can transform the world. From day one, our endeavor has been to help learners achieve their goals by creating high-impact content that engages learners. Fast-forward ten years, Origin Learning is an award-winning learning solutions company that helps organizations do more by navigating though the complex challenges of digital learning including mobile, social etc. All along this journey, our philosophy of IDEATE | INNOVATE | SYNERGIZE has been the hallmark of our result-driven learning solutions for our clients across industries.

A great idea can come from anywhere – from our customers, our partners, our employees, or even experts from domains other than learning and design. So we have adopted an open approach to creating our products, services, and solutions. We are led by customer experience and co-design solutions to meet their needs. We have an open business model where we collaborate and partner with experts from different domains to provide industry-specific solutions. We even have an open employment model of virtual project teams in which people with diverse skills cooperate to create the perfect product or solution. For us, this entails constant adaptation and learning to keep abreast of the latest tools, technologies, and methodologies – but it also makes us a one-of-a-kind solution provider.

The success of any learning or design solution lies in presenting it through the right media using the right methodology. The cost of the solution depends on the media and tools used. Designing the optimal media-methodology-tool mix is critical to providing an efficient and cost-effective solution. Unlike other service providers, who have developed expertise around a fixed media-methodology-tool set and attempt to use it for varied learning and design needs, we have an eclectic approach. Innovating to create a solution around your needs rather than a set development approach is what sets us apart.

By co-designing solutions with our customers, rallying the right skill set on our virtual teams, and partnering with the best in varied domains, we try to bring together energies of a widely disparate group of people to the problem solving process. The ideation and innovation cycles are fueled by this synergy of ideas, skills, and domain expertise. This collaborative development mode helps us create successful solutions that are custom made to address the customer’s requirements.

As we celebrate ten years, we continue to work with some of the most innovative companies in the world and this experience has uniquely positioned us to take advantage of the emerging technologies that help our customers do more. Here’s a quick recap of some of our significant milestones.