Why Origin? Here are a few reasons:

  • ‘Delivering learning is a holistic exercise’ – If we are delivering content development solutions then we keep your current technology and operations in mind or if we are delivering technology service, we keep your content requirements along with the operations in mind and all other possible scenarios. It is imperative that this is done this way as you would not want everything to change with a change in one of the components – we are able to do that as we have expertise in all three.
  • ‘Instructional Design is key’ – Effective content is all about efficient instructional design. We look at your requirements rather than at the ‘storyboard’ because it helps us help you have a piece of content that is truly learn-worthy for your learners.
  • ‘Understand the learner’ – Like technology, learning delivery methods are getting obsolete faster than your learner can complete a course. By understanding and creating a profile of your learner we equip you better to deliver content that is much more acceptable and helps towards course completion.
  • ‘Create an SME pool’ – The most critical element for content development is the inputs of SMEs. And everyone knows that content developers cannot have every type of SME on their rolls – which is why we have the SME pool concept where we call upon the expertise of SMEs on a need basis – thus achieving both – cost-efficiencies and well-developed content.
  • ‘Innovative pricing methodologies’ – That will take into account the pace at which you want the learning organization to grow. Our methodologies are not only about cost arbitrage but also display our commitment to having our skin in the game.
  • ‘Flexible engagement models’ – We understand that our solutions and the process of delivering those solutions should blend in smoothly with your existing processes and infrastructure so that it is not disruptive.
  • ‘Learning is all that we know’ – We are guided by a management team that has a combined expertise of more than 60 years in the learning industry.