Beyond The Course: Cognitive Science Meets Technology For Organizational Performance

JANUARY 09 2020


Cognitive Science is an important aspect of L&D success. More precisely, engaging active recall, fostering metacognition, and spaced repetition can drastically improve your L&D effectiveness. In other words, cognitive science can be a valuable tool in the hands of L&D professionals who strive for success! Of course, L&D success is related to high organizational performance too. That is, it is crucial to know how to implement this knowledge into a serious eLearning setting!

Clark Quinn Ph.D., from Quinnovation and Swapna Reddy from Origin Learning, are veterans of L&D. Watch this webinar for valuable insights that will boost your employee learning! Presented by Origin Learning and sponsored by eLearning Industry.

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • The principles and characteristics of serious eLearning
  • The evolution of organizational learning
  • Efficient ways to support cognitive gaps in learning
  • Case studies showcasing engaging workplace learning

Speaker Profile:

Swapna Reddy

Swapna has over two decades of experience in the learning industry with an emphasis on operations and instructional design. Before establishing Origin, Swapna has worked with Element K, Sify eLearning, and NIIT. Conceptualizing and creating multi-modal instructional solutions and matching technology with pedagogy is her area of interest and expertise.

Clark Quinn

Clark Quinn, PhD, has been helping organizations deliver strategic learning technology solutions for more than three decades. Clark combines a deep background in the learning sciences with broad experience in technology applications, which he applies to the corporate, government, education, and nonprofit sectors. Clark supports learning experience architecture through Quinnovation, as well as organizational learning strategy with his work as a principal in the Internet Time Alliance.

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