Origin has an impressive track record in Custom Content Development. Origin’s content services include development of Online training, Webinars, Instructor-led training, Blended learning, Vignettes and Virtual reality. The instructional strategies and graphical approach selected are based on the target audience and their learning styles. Origin’s solutions are planned around client budgets and timelines to ensure efficiency and value for money. Origin has designed and created coursewares that are both effective and compelling using various authoring tools. A motivated Origin team is also constantly engaged in knowledge updates through informal and formal training sessions, brainstorming activities. One such innovation is content development and technology for mobile/smart phones and tablets.

The e-Learning industry is evolving rapidly along with technology advancements. Organizations are moving out from just creating basic training to high-end sophisticated learning that is delivered across various platforms and devices. Origin has extensive experience in creating learning programs that align with organizational and business goals. Realizing its unique advantages, Origin has developed processes to effectively use Web-based training to deliver training to diverse audiences worldwide over the Internet and within their internal networks. Read more
Instructor-Led Training (ILT) continues to be the most used and popular methods of training today. Origin specializes in creating the training material and learning aids required for instructors and students in the classroom. Origin has partnered with clients to create many hours of ILT content on complex subjects and topics. We have worked with pre-release/Beta versions of software to develop training material. We have also developed classroom training for high-end engineering products. A lot of our classroom material is also designed to map to public-domain certifications. Read more
Scenario based learning focuses on contextualizing the activity and learning through simulated real life scenarios. The learners thus can apply the knowledge and skills gained in virtual environments without the fear of real world implications. Scenario based learning offers the learner to engage in non-linear activities and branch away moving back and forth from completing tasks to constructing meaning. Read more
Mobile learning is not just about adapting your courseware for a different delivery medium. The content is different–smaller in size. It is not just for delivery through a browser but now also through specialized apps. Learning is more contextual and heuristic. And all this because your learners are on the move.
Why would anyone learn on the move? The answer to this is not so much about the mobility of the medium as much as it is about the convenience of content delivery. People learn on the mobile not just because they can learn on the move but also because they can learn when and where they want to – might sound the same as being mobile but actually very different. It is learning without the hassles of the ‘preamble’ to start learning. Read more
Games can be a fun, cost effective and engaging way to impart knowledge. Origin learning’s technical team can create educative content for corporate customers that increase the learner engagement and improve knowledge retention. Read more
V-Labs provide the ability to learn through experience. Learners have the ability to put their skills to the test with hundreds of live servers, switches and routers accessible from anywhere, at anytime (organization infrastructures are not impacted). Read more
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