Sound and animation can set the tone for your eLearning content. It adds a dimension that can refresh, relax, alert, entertain, and is usually a quick and easy way to connect with the audience. Animated videos, enhanced by relevant audio-visual aids, can be a powerful way to communicate a concept and engage your learners.

A study by the Social Science Research Network concluded that 65% of individuals are visual learners and 30% learn by hearing. This makes the addition of audio and video animation to eLearning the perfect way to deliver content that appeals and sticks to learners.

Animated e-learning videos are an excellent tool for inducting new talent within your organization or for onboarding customers to your product or service.

5 examples of excellent use of animation in eLearning:

  • To introduce a concept or topic
  • Tell a story
  • Make complex information memorable
  • Illustrate real-world examples
  • Engage learner’s attention and provoke discussion

Why Choose Origin for eLearning Animation and Video Production?  

During the course of the past several decades, the benefits of audio-visual learning are well-documented. At Origin, we are committed to making high-quality animated educational video content. We have developed and delivered over 8000 hours of e-learning content. We have produced both corporate and educational videos. Our team animators and graphic designers are specialized in producing animation for Instructional Design.

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