The eLearning industry is evolving rapidly along with technology advancements. Organizations are moving out from just creating basic training to high-end sophisticated learning that is delivered across various platforms and devices.

Origin has extensive experience in creating learning programs that align with organizational and business goals. Realizing its unique advantages, Origin has developed processes to effectively use Web-based training to deliver training to diverse audiences worldwide over the Internet and within their internal networks.

Our ability to reach our audiences through effective learning programs is the result of creating and delivering different types of content for a varied audience ranging from K-12 to adult learners. We comprehend and differentiate the need for simple content delivered through effective instructional design to the need for developing high-end 3D and complex animations and use of rich media.

Some key e-Learning projects that we have worked with our clients include:

  • Software Application Certification Training
  • Manufacturing Training
  • Process Training
  • Soft-skills Training
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