Mobile learning is not just about adapting your courseware for a different delivery medium. The content is different—smaller in size. It is not just for delivery through a browser but now also through specialized apps. Learning is more contextual and heuristic. This because your learners are on the move.

Why would anyone learn on the move? The answer to this is not so much about the mobility of the medium as much as it is about the convenience of content delivery. “People learn on their mobile phones….where they want.” This is learning without the hassles of the ‘preamble’ to start learning.

It is estimated that around 62% of the workforce is using mobile devices to perform one or more official tasks through these devices. Mobile devices provide a level of flexibility not seen or felt before and hence learners are more than ready to embrace mobile as the learning delivery device. What is more astonishing is the fact that the number one request from learners is to make learning possible through mobile also.

Going mobile is not a strategy based on costs or delivery mediums. It is driven by a higher order of learning objectives like increasing course consumption or making learning ubiquitous. Also, we need to understand the differentiation between the medium itself and developing content for the medium. Like technology everywhere, the hardware, middleware and software aspects of mobile learning are challenging and mind-boggling enough to deter organizations from even thinking about it. That, however should not be the case. The hardware side of this is getting addressed by learners themselves. Like highlighted before, two-thirds of the learners are already mobile and many more will be so very soon. The demand and consumption of mobile devices like smartphones is increasing in leaps and bounds part because of their utility value and part because of the natural evolution of technology.

The middleware scenario is getting consolidated in terms of the platforms. Whether Android has an edge over iOS is only a question of time and demand. But the one thing that is clear in all is that they are being developed with the consumer in mind and hence guaranteed to cause the minimal issues when it comes to delivering content – any type of content–like gaming, apps and yes, even learning. So all that is now left is the software part of learning.

Origin Learning has been first choice of Mobile Content Developer for Fortune 100 organizations across different verticals. Through custom content wrapper development methodologies we develop the optimal content strategy and reuse for delivery across various mediums including mobile. Origin can help you in the following ways:

  • Determine the right ‘way’ to go mobile – design and develop your mobile learning strategy that will enable you to leverage existing content courseware and adapt it to this medium
  • ‘Early Mover’ strategy – design a content strategy that incorporates blended learning as the foundation for your learning delivery thus planning for a long term on including mobile as an important component of your delivery mix
  • ‘Right Here Right Now’ – develop bite-sized mobile content and frameworks to get you started
  • Mobile Content Development
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