Performance Support Tools or PSTs are designed to empower your employees by providing support exactly when and where they need it.

Your employees require a support system that can assist them on the job, right when they are carrying out tasks or procedures.

Performance Support Tools are often embedded directly into the workflow of learners. This enables organizations to provide task support and improve the overall productivity of employees.

Why Invest On Performance Support Tools?

Humans tend to halve their retention of newly learned knowledge in a matter of days or weeks unless the “memory of knowledge” is reviewed regularly.

To this end, Performance Support Tools can be used alongside formal training to improve the stickiness of learning and its application on the job. As Performance Support Tools (PSTs) are integrated into the learner’s work-flow and are available at the time of their need, they can accelerate the learning process.

When to Use Performance Support?

  • High-Risk Situations
  • Infrequent Tasks
  • Multiple Decision Points
  • Low Level of Literacy
  • Limited Training Budget

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