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We’ve all heard the expression “it takes a village.” In this instance, we’re referring to your business and the many collaborative relationships you have with your supply chain, channel partners, and outside vendors. This “village” is a true extension of your business, often handling vital functions such as production, sales, customer service, marketing, end-user training, installation, and distribution of your products and solutions. Their success or failure lies with you. Make sure they have the right tools to represent your business. Origin can help!

Field Enablement Specialties

Bridge Knowledge Gaps with Extended Enterprise Training

Sales Readiness

Your company, products, and solutions are unique. But what makes them so? Do your salespeople understand your target buyer and how to engage them? Can they provide the right content or information to the potential buyer at the right time to move them further down the sales funnel and ultimately close the business? Do they know how to overcome common objections?

We Have Your Recipe for Success

Origin collaborates with your marketing and sales teams to develop highly effective enablement tools (best practices, resources, and training programs) that serve as a recipe to achieve quota in a scalable and repeatable fashion.

Unlock Your Sales Team’s Full Potential. Origin Can Help!

Partner Onboarding

You’ve just signed a new partner, and you expect them to hit the ground running. Unfortunately, without the proper planning and onboarding, you’re likely to be disappointed. Successful companies know that they need to invest in their partners’ success by following a prescriptive training process that includes sales, marketing, and technical personnel.

Origin Helps Build Fruitful Partnerships

Trust Origin to help align your partners with your goals. We assist you in mapping out the competencies needed to support your products and solutions and build training programs targeted to specific milestones so you can measure and track progress.

Don’t Leave Your Partners’ Success to Chance.

Customer Service

If you’re thinking of outsourcing your customer service to a call center or already have, there are many things to consider. Customer service is an essential element in your brand’s reputation. These folks will be at the frontline of your organization as your company’s brand ambassadors. How they interact with your customers can either benefit your company or cause harm. Equip them with the tools and knowledge to provide the best customer support.

Onboarding for Customer and Organizational Success

Origin helps you onboard your Customer Service and Client Success teams for optimal results. We develop effective training programs that outline product/solution-specific information and your buyer personas, corporate culture, and quality standards. Our instructional designers incorporate real-world scenarios that help guide Service Representative responses to ensure appropriate handling and de-escalation when needed.

Your Brand Deserves the Best Customer Service Experience. Trust Origin to Deliver.

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Nirmala Ravi

Associate Vice President – Solutioning

Over the last 20 years, Nirmala has worn many hats –  faculty, content developer, instructional designer, editor, technical writer, and documentation manager. Before joining Origin, she worked in the eLearning unit of various organizations, including NIIT, Sify Ltd, and Cognizant Technology Solutions.

As part of her core responsibilities, Nirmala has handled requirements and managed project delivery onsite and offshore for several Fortune 500 clients in the US, UK, Germany, and Bangkok across several domains, such as logistics, healthcare, life sciences, banking and finance, and publishing.

Nirmala holds bachelor’s degrees in science and education and a professional diploma in instructional design and systems management.

Shanmugam K

Vice President – Technology

Shanmugam (Shan) has vast experience spanning over two decades and played various roles, including faculty, programmer, technology consultant, and project manager.

Shan also has extensive experience in recruiting, training, and managing technology teams for several key Fortune 50 clients. His past work experience includes Aptech, Sify Technologies, and Macmillan, where he gained invaluable expertise in corporate learning and educational publishing domains.

He has set up and managed product engineering teams, developed web and mobile apps, and won Brandon Hall awards for projects on emerging learning technologies.

An engineering graduate with a post-graduate degree in management from LIBA, Shan’s unrelenting passion for technology is inspiring.

Douglas Lobo

Vice President – Customer Success & Solutions

Douglas has over 20 years of experience and has played various roles across operations, delivery, product management, and client relationship.

Before joining Origin Learning, Douglas worked with NIIT, Sify Technologies, Element K, and Lionbridge. He has managed teams of varying sizes to deliver multi-format products and custom learning solutions.

Douglas is a commerce graduate with a diploma in systems.

Lisho Scaria

Senior Vice President – Operations

Lisho has 20+ years of learning industry experience in instructional design and managing teams and projects.

Prior to joining Origin Learning, Lisho worked with NIIT and Hurix systems. He has extensive experience in managing projects for several Fortune 500 clients. Lisho has worked with clients in the UK, US, Australia, and Singapore,

Lisho is a mathematics graduate with a post-graduate diploma in systems.

Vinok D’ Silva

Senior Vice President – Global Sales & Marketing

Over the last two decades, Vinok has played various senior roles across different functions, including operations, solutions, delivery, product development, and client relationships.

Before joining Origin Learning, Vinok worked with NIIT, Sify Technologies, Element K, and MPS. He has been instrumental in building R&D  teams, establishing P&L, and consistently developing new business accounts.

Vinok received his Bachelor of Engineering in Electronics & Communication from Mangalore University.

Swapna Reddy

Strategic Advisor

Swapna has over 20 years of experience conceptualizing, creating multi-modal instructional solutions, and matching technology with pedagogy.

Before founding Origin Learning, Swapna worked with Element K, Sify eLearning, and NIIT. Her varied educational profile, including a post-graduate degree in Psychology, a PGCPM from Indian Institute of Management – Kozhikode, and undergraduate studies in Literature, brings a unique perspective to training, operations, and research.

Vasanthi Balasubramanian

CEO, Origin Learning Inc, USA

Vasanthi has over 21 years of experience in operations, delivery, product management, client relationships, and business development. Before founding Origin Learning, Vas worked with Hurix, Element K, Sify, and NIIT. She has been responsible for building large teams and driving business goals in her previous roles.

Vas’s agility and positive energy bring confidence to the people working with her. She holds a post-graduate diploma in Business Administration and has completed her Senior Management Program from IIM-C.

Hari Kumar

Managing Director & CEO

Hari has over 30 years of experience in the training, education, eLearning, and publishing industries. Before founding Origin Learning, Hari worked with Manipal Education, Thomson Learning (now Cengage Learning), Sify eLearning, Firstware Software Solutions, and Brilliant’s Computer Centre / First Computers. In addition, Hari has handled multiple start-ups and managed large eLearning teams and projects with Fortune 50 clients. He holds a Master’s Degree in Commerce from Madurai Kamaraj University, India, and is very passionate about eLearning.

Rajith Kumar

Associate Vice President – UX and Visual Design

Rajith is a seasoned UX and visual design professional with 17+ years of experience in user experience design, interaction design, animation, and typography. Before joining Origin Learning, he worked with Hurix Systems and HCL Infosystems. His expertise is in managing UX and UI design and media content development for eLearning services.

Rajith has a Master’s Degree in Visual Communication Design from Industrial Design Centre, IIT Bombay. An avid singer and dancer, Rajith is passionate about new media design, visualization, and the performing arts. He is also an aspiring feature filmmaker with two short films to his credit.