Is the pandemic disrupting your
training schedules?

With the pandemic confining us to our homes, working from home has become the norm for many. But will training from home become the norm too?

According to the Training magazine's 2019 Training Industry Report, 9.7% of the organizations use Instructor-led training (ILT) almost exclusively (90-100% of the time). Some 40.3 percent of training hours were delivered by a stand-and-deliver instructor in a classroom setting—up from 35.5 percent reported in 2018.

Small and mid-size companies continue to rely more heavily on instructor-led delivery methods compared to large companies. Given the statistics, it is hard to ignore the importance of classroom training and instructors.

Can virtual classrooms be the answer?

According to the Training magazine, Virtual classroom/Webcast accounted for only 15.4 % of hours delivered, up from 10.2 percent in 2018. This is set to increase exponentially, given the imperative of social distancing.

If you belong to the large segment of companies that rely heavily on instructor-led training, it is time to think about how to quickly, efficiently, and effectively virtualize your classrooms.

(Training ppt + web conferencing) ≠ Virtual classroom training )
Aren’t virtual classroom sessions just sessions conducted using a web conferencing tool? Well – not exactly. Let us understand the key differences between ILT and virtual ILT (vILT) sessions.

How do I make my classes virtual?

Fortunately, converting your ILT to vILT is a quick and inexpensive process. Before converting an ILT into vILT, it is important to understand the tools/technologies available for the training, the audience profile, and the content coverage.

Talk to the experts

With Fortune 500 companies as our customers and several industry awards, we have rich experience in developing and deploying all types of learning. In these unprecedented times, we have been helping our customers quickly re-design their ILT sessions into effective vILT sessions.



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