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Expert Speak
Micro-learning is the way to get to the modern learners at the workplace.

Our President – Operations, Swapna Reddy talks about micro-learning trends.

A lot has changed at the workplace in the past decade. Mobile devices have become ubiquitous. Connectivity has improved enough to make virtual teams commonplace. Employees are connected 24/7 through e-mail, social media, and messaging apps. As a result, the average attention span of the millennials in the workforce is at 90 secs. While the need for constant learning has never been higher, the time available for learning is fragmented and shrinking. What’s worse, traditional classroom and e-learning is just not effective anymore.

This is the paradox of our times – on the one hand, rapid technological advances are making job skills obsolete every 3-5 years, which makes re-skilling a top priority; on the other hand, information overload through devices and constant connectivity is reducing the average uninterrupted time available for meaningful learning.

The answer could be Micro-learning – delivering short, targeted, just-in-time learning bytes for easy assimilation and application. Some of the defining characteristics of micro-learning are:

  • Content is designed as short outcome-focused learning units of 3-7 minutes.

  • Each learning unit addresses a single learning objective and builds a micro-skill. Several of these micro-skills build up to a competence.

  • Learning units are used for just-in-time learning, performance support, and reactivation of learning.

  • Learning units are short, easily searchable and facilitate on-demand learning.

  • Learning units are platform agnostic and optimized for mobile devices.

  • Learning units may be available in multiple formats, including videos, podcasts, job aids/step lists, quick reference guides etc. However, video is the most popular format.

  • Micro-learning is quick to develop and easy to update.

Client Speak
In conversation with Toby Emerson,

VP Global Education Services, Marketo

Redefining what it takes to ensure ‘customer success’, our client Marketo, has been working to grow a community of marketers, not just savvy and tool-capable, but also to become competent marketers; and work with support from a community of marketers through the Marketo platform.

We were in conversation with Toby Emerson, VP, Global Education Services of Marketo, on their efforts towards this, and here is a short excerpt. Toby is a seasoned professional, with over 28 years of training experience, much of it managing various facets of user education in large corporations such as Oracle, and she now drives the education business for Marketo.

Why is Marketo keen to create certified Marketers, with both tool-capability and basic marketing concepts?

In the SaaS world, it is so important for the customer to be able to adopt quickly, and utilise your product fully; customer success with your product is critical to business success. Any product is a tool, and its utility and performance depends on the competence of the professional using it. So, the certification program creates relevance for the product and brand.

The marketing certification program is not new; over the years, it has become so strong that we don’t even have to market it; with a ‘pull’ from partners and customers hiring only those who are certified by us, and professionals using our platform to form organic communities and an eco-system that help themselves, each other, and add value to the product. All stakeholders take it very seriously!

What are your big challenges, how are you addressing them?

With certification being taken so seriously, we need to ensure that it remains relevant, and that the quality of our exams are top-notch.

So, we have engaged with a community of SMEs certified by us, working across partners and clients of Marketo to complete a Job Task Analysis. This allows us to understand the exact usage of the tool, and the needed competence; with the help of the same SMEs, we have created a very rigorous certification program, with the testing mimicking real-life more closely.

What more, what next for the certification program?

We are in the process of creating higher level credentials that build expertise in niche areas of marketing, using our product – such as web personalisation, reporting & analytics, & engagement programs; we also ensure periodic recertification, to ensure that the professional is updated with the latest trends and tool capabilities.