Scenario-Based Learning & The Art Of Learner Engagement

NOVEMBER 07 2019


Scenario-Based Learning is one of the fastest-growing trends in eLearning. If you are wondering why this happens, the explanation is quite simple: Definitely, with all these benefits arising, it is not difficult to explain its growing popularity! Learner engagement is easier than ever. Participants not only have the opportunity to listen to a story, but also to actively shape it themselves. Furthermore, it's such a useful tool for trainers, too. More precisely, implementing scenario-based training is great for observing learner behavior and making useful assumptions about learners' ability to perform in challenging environments!

Planning scenario-based training is not rocket science, nor is it a piece of cake. Before deciding your next actions regarding scenario-based learning, you need to answer some crucial questions. First, do you really need to include it in your employee training? And if yes, will you be able to provide your learners the knowledge they genuinely need?

What's more, you have to consider the planning stage. Simply said, you must decide what kind of materials you will use in order to design successful scenario-based training. Moreover, speaking of implementation, you should consider learner engagement. In other words, what is the key to create a meaningful Learner Experience?

If all the aspects mentioned above sound interesting, you will definitely enjoy this webinar! Christy Tucker from Syniad Learning and Swapna Reddy of Origin Learning will share all the information you need to ace your upcoming scenario-based training!

Sure, scenario-based learning allows you to create a more compelling and meaningful learning experience. But, is scenario-based Learning the best approach for everyone?

During this webinar, you will learn:

  • How to identify scenario-based learning benefits for your learners
  • What is the impact of scenario-based learning on corporate training and organizational performance
  • How to design engaging scenario-based training
  • Which are the best techniques for maximum engagement
  • Which are the best practices when designing scenario-based learning and corporate training case studies

Speaker Profile:

Swapna Reddy

Swapna has over two decades of experience in the learning industry with an emphasis on operations and instructional design. Before establishing Origin, Swapna has worked with Element K, Sify eLearning, and NIIT. Conceptualizing and creating multi-modal instructional solutions and matching technology with pedagogy is her area of interest and expertise.

Christy Tucker

Christy Tucker is a learning experience design consultant with over fifteen years of experience helping people learn. She has created soft skills, equity, sales, and technical training for clients including Cisco, FIRST, the National Alliance for Partnerships in Equity (NAPE), and The Hazelden Betty Ford Foundation. Christy has been blogging about instructional design and eLearning for over 10 years.

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