Grammar/Skill Test

    1. Choose the correct sentence from the two options that have been provided:

    A. I live in the United StatesB. I live in United States

    A. I have visited Taj Mahal last yearB. I visited Taj Mahal last year

    A. Although it was raining, but we went to watch the gameB. Although it was raining, we went to watch the game

    A. I look forward to meeting youB. I look forward to meet you

    A. I have been here for three monthsB. I have been here since three months

    A. Would you like a glass of water?B. Do you like a glass of water?

    A. Please explain me how to improve my English?B. Please explain to me how to improve my English?

    A. Where is post office?B. Where is the post office?

    2. Choose the appropriate word or word phrase to complete the sentences.

    1. Supposedly, digital voice discs, or DVDs as they are called, are ---- resistant to scratching ---- records.
    A) much / thanB) so / asC) such / thatD) far more / thanE) many more / that

    2. I don't have nearly ---- much time for reading ---- I would like to.
    A) as / asB) more / thanC) so / thatD) too / thatE) such / that

    3. English is today the third ---- native language worldwide after Chinese and Hindi, with some 380 million speakers.
    A) the most spokenB) the more spokenC) much spokenD) the least spokenE) most spoken

    4. My students' sleepless nights became ---- as the examinations approached and I tried to do my best to overcome that negative feeling.
    A) so frequentlyB) more frequentC) as frequentD) much more frequentlyE) far more frequent than

    5. It is often said that the hyena is an aggressive animal, but in fact it is not ---- many people believe.
    A) more viciousB) so vicious thatC) as viciously asD) so vicious asE) more viciously than

    6. The cupboard was ---- big ---- fit through the door, so we had to take it apart first.
    A) too / toB) more / thanC) so / thatD) enough / toE) as / as

    7. The roots of the old tree spread out ---- thirty meters in all directions and damaged nearby buildings.
    A) too muchB) as much asC) so muchD) so many asE) much more

    8. According to the recent election's results, the Democrats are ---- of the four main political parties.
    A) the smallerB) smallestC) much smallerD) smallerE) the smallest