Technological trends are changing the way learning happens. Mobile devices that were earlier used for communication are now Internet-enabled and are used for learning. Content can now be deployed on multiple devices such as mobiles, tablets, or laptops without any additional effort. What’s more, tech-savvy instructors are combining classroom sessions with web-conferencing, online course ware and assessment modules to optimize the learning experience. Technology at Origin is all about usage to deliver content more innovatively. We believe that learning experience can be greatly enhanced by effective use of technology. We analyze technology trends and upgrades with a keen eye to add value to our solutions.

Computing is moving from PCs and Laptops to use tablets, mobile phones/handheld devices. Continued researches on devices such as iPhone, iPad, Kindle, and Android have led to new and exciting Learning Designs that will revolutionize the way people learn. A more realistic learning experience a through 3D content, game consoles, and high definition displays, Applying 3D concepts including game engines and augmented reality in the eLearning and education arenas are part of technology research at Origin.

Our programming team, well trained on Flash platform and Apple SDK is geared up to take up development on any operating system or platform. The team has worked on various LMS products and is well versed with eLearning standards including SCORM and AICC.