Origin understands that the learning happens through various activities and the many ways that people learn cannot be captured in traditional learning systems. Organizations need new systems to capture informal learning happening through collaboration and peer groups.

  • We have developed a platform to enable organizations to leverage knowledge from their own employees to build a social learning environment
  • We recommend internal systems for implementing social learning to develop, aggregate and moderate user generated content
  • With our experience, we will guide our clients through the process of Social Learning Implementation

“Learning would be exceedingly laborious, not to mention hazardous, if people had to rely solely on the effects of their own actions to inform them what to do. Fortunately, most human behaviour is learned observationally through modeling: from observing others one forms an idea of how new behaviours are performed, and on later occasions this coded information serves as a guide for action.” -Albert Bandura, Social Learning Theory, 1977.

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