The application of Virtual Reality technology (VR) for learning intervention and performance support is gaining prominence as the cost of developing 3D content has dropped dramatically in the last few years. With high-end VR headsets such as Oculus Rift, HTC Vive or even affordable Google Cardboard headsets, we can deliver immersive learning and impactful experiences to accelerate learning, increase retention, and improve decision-making skills. VR simulations can be designed for any technical training procedures or tasks that is dangerous, expensive, or time-consuming to practice in real-time environment..

Origin has a dedicated 3D team with significant experience in building interactive virtual reality simulations using industry-leading 3D and special effects tools. We have capabilities to design cross-platform VR solutions that simulate real-life products, equipment, and physical environments to create unique and engaging learning experiences.

We provide Virtual Reality solutions for the following use cases:

  • Interactive 3D Product Tour
  • Virtual Product Support
  • Technical Training
  • Sales Aids
  • Health & Safety Training
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